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Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce exhibition in September 2021

Author:BASSWORLD TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Click: Time:2021-11-09 08:48:27


In recent years, China's digital trade represented by cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 30%. As a new trade format that has emerged rapidly in the development of the Internet era, there are currently 105 comprehensive cross-border e-commerce pilot zones across the country,  Covering 30 provinces, regions and cities,Forming a development pattern of land-sea internal and external linkage and east-west mutual assistance.

On September 16, 2021, the Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce exhibition was grandly opened in Shenzhen Baoan Convention and Exhibition Center. Shenzhen Bassworld Technology Co., Ltd. was invited by the organizer to participate in this important exhibition. Actively cooperate with the organizer's request, and make full use of this exhibition to convey the company's new product information to the public.

KO-STAR, the private brand of Shenzhen Bassworld Technology Co., Ltd., was established in 2009. Ko-star brand has just won the honor of "top ten brands" of microphone from its obscurity in the early stage. After 12 years of precipitation, it has become a comprehensive industry and trade group company integrating independent R&D, design, production and sales. And take "ambition, knowledge, action and perseverance" as an important maxim for the development of the company.

The company's products cover high-performance wired headphones, Bluetooth headphones, noise reduction headphones, microphones, audio equipment and other products. At the exhibition site, Ko-star team communicated face-to-face with customers, conducted professional product explanations, assisted customers in product testing and experience, And had a rich product creative exchange with customers

Among them, a high-quality microphones named "M-630" quickly attracted the attention and consultation of many customers with her unique simple style. Whether it's the small microphone stand, intelligent touch switch, and wired connection of type-C interface. They are very in line with the selection needs of many customers at the exhibition.

Through this exhibition, we learned about the feedback and demand of various foreign trade platforms for the whole electronic audio market affected by the epidemic, and received company contact cards, contact information and business cards from many cross-border markets around the world. On the one hand, it fully illustrates the significant influence of this cross-border e-commerce exhibition. On the other hand, it also fully shows the popularity of our products in many cross-border markets.

At present, the company has passed ISO9001, CE, FCC and other international certification, and products are suitable for different markets all over the world.

Finally, I sincerely thank the government for its tremendous efforts to resume work and production during the epidemic, and thank Shenzhen Bao’an Convention and Exhibition Center for hosting this cross-border exhibition.