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“Nothing can stop us from moving forward”---Bassworld Annual Team Building Activity

Author:BASSWORLD TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Click: Time:2021-08-14 09:00:28

“Nothing can stop us from moving forward”---Bassworld Annual Team Building Activity

In2021, the post epidemic era has brought us great challenges. However, we have a firm belief, actively embrace changes, persist in research and development and product quality, and have achieved one victory after another. In the passionate July, we ushered in the annual team building activity.

The enthusiasm of everyone was high, and we couldn't wait to start various interactive games as soon as we got on the bus, and came to the beautiful Xunliao Bay amidst happy laughter and cheerful voices.

With anticipation and excitement, we started the first project of the trip-archery.

Everyone experienced the ancient Chinese art of archery, learned the skills of archery and felt the power of arrows on the strings, and personally experienced the elegance and charm of traditional Chinese sports. 

We love challenges by nature, and after the archery is over, the mountain bike race follows.

We climbed the mountains and ridges, passed by the potholes, and constantly challenged the limits and surpassed themselves in the winding and muddy slopes. We took the excitement and craziness in our hands, and vividly explained what speed and passion are.

After lunch, we walked in Tianhou palace.

On the beautiful beach, we played a variety of interesting games, including competition and cooperation. Everyone deeply realized that personal power is limited, but a team with the same goal cannot be urged, The success of the team needs the joint efforts of each of our members! There is no perfect individual, only the perfect team!