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News Express of Canton Fair

Author:BASSWORLD TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Click: Time:2021-04-30 09:24:14

News Express of Canton Fair

April 15,2021, China Import and Export Fair and Canton Fair grand opened. Because of  Covid-19, this Canton Fair adopts online mode. As an important exhibitor, Shenzhen Bassworld Technology Co., Ltd. actively participated in the online live broadcast and product display ,Made full use of the platform of the Canton Fair to convey the company's new product to the world.

Via the live show, we received contact cards and business cards from different regions of the world. There are buyers from South Korea, wholesalers from Canada, business enterprises from the Middle East, e-commerce companies from Europe, and cooperative contacts with some peers,first it illustrated the important influence of the Canton Fair in international trade and import and export field.

Second, it also demonstrated the popularity of the company's products around the world.Through the live broadcast, we can see that the company's products are aesthetic and popular with different processes and manufacturing technology, for the whole world consumers,Bassworld insist on providing fashionable and novel electronic technology products.

Bassworld is a high-tech audio and video equipment manufacturer with its own brand. The company has gone through more than ten years now there are 6000 square meters of factory area, more than 200 skilled workers, products covered high wireless headphones, Bluetooth headphones, noise cancellation headphones, microphones, and other products. has become an independent group company include R&D、design, production, sales.

Bassworld has passed ISO 9001 CE、FCC Certification, products are suitable for different markets around the world.

During the Canton Fair live online, company arranged a number of experienced staff and engineers to answer questions, gained domestic and foreign customers highly praise, Canton Fair has become an important platform to connect domestic and foreign enterprises and overseas businesses,  in Canton Fair bassworld achieved this vision "Stay in domestic , products exported to the world ."

Finally,we want to sincerely thank the government for their great efforts to resume production during the epidemic, and thank the Canton Fair for providing an important platform for our enterprises.

Connect with the world, business link to the world, let us keep on going.